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1-Day Acuvue daily wear contact lenses provide the healthiest way to wear contact lenses . Each day you start off with a fresh pair and then throw them away at bedtime. With 1-Day Acuvue , cleaning rinsing, disinfecting and protein removal are a thing of the past.

1-Day Acuvue are also ideal for people who are occasional wearers of contact lenses as they provide a cost effective means of using contact lenses, without the inconvenience and cleaning regimes associated with traditional contact lenses.

Freshlook TM, Durasoft TM, and EleganceTM, are a range of lenses that can enhance or completely change your natural eye colour. Each pair of lenses can be used for 30 days.
Elegance TM lenses, have a special ring to enhance and define the iris area creating the more youthful look you have always desired.

Our range of CHROME-X lenses can be used to discreetly change your natural eye colour or to
Create a look that will definitely make an impression!!!. This comprehensive range even includes lenses that will glow under UV light, ideal for a night out on the town!!!. Previously these type of lenses were only available on
Hollywood film sets, not any more, go on treat yourself.