Visual Therapy

Some forms of vision  anomaly  can  be successfully improved upon by the use of special exercises called Vision Therapy,. Body's Eyecare and Eyewear have been one of the first opticians on the high street  to actively embrace this pioneering  treatment by employing fully trained specialists in this field and  providing them with the latest equipment to carry out  their work to the highest standards possible.

Patients of all ages can  benefit from Visual Therapy , but treatment is usually most successful in children and young adults,  due to the mechanics of the eye being more malleable.

Please  phone one  the numbers below to book a consultation with one of our specialists in  this field :-

Body's Eyecare and Eyewear -     Canvey Island  01268 683447
Body's Eyecare and Eyewear -      Southend-on-Sea 01702 346201
Body's Eyecare and Eyewear -      Leigh-on-Sea  01702 710031